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Are you excited about empowering healthcare professionals through technology and accelerating the pace of change in the industry? If yes, then look no further.

A career with Practice Pro will put you on the fast track to growth by helping you achieve your true potential. Our employees enjoy a nurturing environment, innumerable opportunities for professional progress, and the opportunity to deliver innovative physical therapy and practice management solutions to practices across the nation. It is the commitment of our exceptional team that has consistently driven us from strength to strength, year after year.

We are expanding rapidly, solving new problems for clients, and exploring new frontiers. Our clients value the insight we deliver to them and the success we help engender, resulting in a 99% client referral rate.

Our corporate culture is based on trust and care for employees’ personal and professional growth. The result is low employee turnover that has been well below industry averages.

At Practice Pro, our employees get to pursue a variety of alternate career tracks. If the healthcare and rehab industry is where your aspirations lie, then you will have multiple opportunities to learn about real life industry challenges and solve business problems. There is also a technology track where you will get to leverage and grow your specialized skills and technical expertise.

The important thing to note is that you will never be force-fitted into a pre-programmed career path. Instead, you get to plot your own destiny based on your unique skills, capabilities, and goals.

Turbocharge your career today!

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