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physical therapy documentation

Physical Therapy Documentation Software

Document the way you want with the templates and flexibility you need.

Discover the EMR Documentation Advantage

Every EMR claims to havethe “fastest” physical therapy documentation software. But what they don’t tell you is you’ll have to use the examination template they provide. It may have waymore content than you need for your evaluation, which will slow you down with every patient, every day. Or it may lack content that you prefer. Is that really the fastest physical therapy electronic documentation software? Practice Pro not only gives you the fastest documentation in the business, but we achieve thisby allowing you to customize the templateswe provide, orcreate your own custom templates easily.

After all, fast meansworkingthe way you do.

physical therapy documentation
physical therapy documentation
Paper out. Precision in. Start withourexisting library of templates or create your own.
physical therapy documentation
Yet Easy
Every clinic needs a 360 view of patient, physician, andinsurance records.
physical therapy documentation
Our documentation module is customized for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language and Pediatric Therapy.
physical therapy documentation

Medicare & Compliance Simplified

You take care of the patients, let Practice Pro takecare of compliance. We know the way out of the maze.

physical therapy documentation

physical therapy documentationPhysical Therapy Documentation and Billing Software

Practice Pro’s physical therapy billing and documentation software is fast, flexible and easy to use.Libraries, templates and content are filtered by body part for easy access. You can start with our pre-made examination profiles, or customize the content to create the perfect template and save it as your own.

With built-in Goal Tracking, Medicare Reporting and Outcome Tests, therapists have all the evaluative tools they need to document quickly and compliantly in our physical therapy documentation software. Create a streamlined Plan of Care or roll-forward notes for Re-Evaluations and Progress Notes with a click of a button.Printed notes are easy to read and include your company’s own branding. You can also use our built-in electronic fax feature to send your documentation to other providers.Daily Notes are faster than ever with an integrated Flowsheet experience. Your charges are generated accurately and compliantly as you document using our powerful billing engine. Practice Pro will handle everythingso you can focus on what you do best,patient care.

physical therapy documentation.Documentation Templates

Physical,Occupational, Pediatric and Speech therapists can now create comprehensive and compliant-ready documentation that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.Our Documentation Libraryhas grown and evolved over theyears by hundreds of therapists and other office staff. You can begin to use these customized templates immediately, revise them to fit your needs, or go ahead and create your own custom templates easily with our template builder. Short on time?We offercustom development services too, so we can create custom templates just the way you want.

physical therapy documentation.Auto-Snippets

Avoid having to rewrite common entries over and over again by using our intelligent “Auto-Snippet” feature. Thisallows you to write andsavean entire paragraph and assigna keyword that triggers it, saving you hours of time.

physical therapy documentation.Note Forward

Our NoteForward feature allows you to create subsequent notes fastand easy as your treatment progresses. It simply creates a copy ofthe previous notes and rolls it forward to give youa starting point for your next entry.

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