Check Growth Readiness of Your Physical Therapy EMR

Are you looking to grow your practice? Does your EMR clear a path to clinical growth and expansion of care? How is your physical therapy EMR growth readiness?

Reimbursement rates have clearly been down. Reportedly, more cuts could be looming ahead. At the same time, patient volumes have been increasing. U.S. Physical Therapy stated that that average visits per clinic per day exceeded 29.0 for the first time in the companys history in March 2021 and has continued at that level or higher for seven consecutive months.

There is less time to see patients. Less time for documentation. Without quality documentation, payers are more likely to deny the claim.

Medicare and commercial payers have several rules that providers need to comply with like the 8 Minute Rule, therapy cap, and use of specific modifiers. Rules that keep on changing. Case in point: More payers are requiring therapists to differentiate between habilitative and rehabilitative treatment using modifiers 96 and 97. Plus, there are the revisions to Telehealth Place of Service (POS) codes. POS 02 if telehealth is provided other than in the patients home and a new POS 10 if telehealth is provided in the patients home.

Growing a therapy practice is therefore as challenging as ever. Physical therapy, pediatric therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy alike. How do you balance the needs of your clinic and comply with rules and regulations while growing your practice?
Do you see your physical therapy EMR as a growth enabler or does it sometimes hold you back? Here are five items to check when it comes to your physical therapy EMR growth readiness.

  1. Is your Physical Therapy EMR easily customizable?
  2. Are the Physical Therapy EMR and billing software seamlessly integrated?
  3. Are you able to track practice efficiency with your Physical Therapy EMR?
  4. Does your Physical Therapy EMR provide valuable intelligence?
  5. Does the Physical Therapy EMR customer support instill excitement?

Undoubtedly, there would likely be more areas to check depending on the specifics of your practice. But, hopefully, these five items should provide a useful starting point. If growth is on the agenda then your physical therapy EMR should provide a helping hand.