Guide to Choosing the Right Therapy Billing Solutions for Your Business

Having a successful billing process in place is key to success when it comes to running your business efficiently. It is the backbone of how you achieve profitability and get paid for your claims. Are you taking the right measures to maximize the way that you utilize your therapy billing? Discover how you can rev up revenue and improve your focus on patient care with the right billing solutions. Check out these opportunities that you may be missing out on that can elevate your therapy practice.  

Using the right therapy billing software that fits your practice needs  

Does your current therapy billing software provide the right workflow tools, automated billing rules, and payer intelligence that is needed to maximize your profitability? When it comes to billing, jumping between different systems and patient records can lead to errors and unnecessary duplicate work that can bog down your time and increase denials with your claims. Its important to have billing software in place that is built for your therapy practice. A solution like Practice Pros billing software can provide automated workflows and help you get paid with the right custom implementation that fits the way that you enter billing information. Simply enter information in once and eliminate mistakes and duplicate efforts. By using a therapy billing software that is actually built for therapy practice, youre accessing the right modules and features needed to run your business.  

Make sure to have the right billing staff resources in place  

Who is driving your billing?  Having the right billing software in place is half the battle to a successful therapy billing process. You need the right billing staff available to streamline the process and get paid. Communication is key when it comes to billing and processing claims correctly by avoiding a possible denial or delay. Having a main staff member responsible for your billing process is essential to streamlining your billing process. Practice Pro specializes in providing billing specialists and a team of knowledgeable representatives that focus on your practice and accounts when it comes to processing claims and managing your billing process. Utilizing a source like Practice Pro fills the billing staff gap allowing you to focus on other parts of the business while we handle your billing needs without disruption and loss of payments.

Are you using the right clearinghouse?  

Choosing the right clearinghouse is essential when adding to your profitability and maximizing your billing efforts. When you have the right clearinghouse in place it lets you focus more on patients and less time managing eligibility, pre-authorization, claims processing, reprocessing and tracking reimbursements. A clearinghouse like Ability Network allows you to get a full payment fast with the right flow between your therapy practice and commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid. Avoiding these time-consuming tasks can cut out manual processes, errors and frustrations with a clean claims rate from the right clearinghouse can provide. Integration is also important when choosing the right clearinghouse. Practice Pros billing software integrates with Ability Network allowing for a seamless process that keeps your billing running smooth.  

Track and measure key performance indicators with a KPI Dashboard  

Tracking the right key performance indicators is a great way to see how your practice is performing all in one view at one time. Gaining access to the right metrics allows your therapy practice to assess the performance of such metrics in regard to your billing data. For example, having an overview of billables and collections by each insurance company keeps you in the know and allows you to not leave money on the table with the ability to detect and make the decisions needed. See how Practice Pros KPI Dashboard can easily measure performance and set goals that matter with a custom dashboard.  

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