Integrative Technologies Transforming Healthcare

The integration of technology in healthcare is not a mere advancement; it is a transformative force that has the power to improve patient care in numerous ways. It enables access, enhances communication, empowers patients, and provides invaluable insights for informed decision-making.

As a team, we see our mission through a unique lens—one that focuses sharply on the ultimate beneficiaries of our work: our members and the patients they serve.

We firmly believe that the convergence of healthcare and technology has the potential to revolutionize patient care and enhance treatment outcomes. This belief is founded on the understanding that when applied effectively, the right technology can positively affect care and treatment outcomes. Our perspective isn’t solely based on our role as software developers but on our team’s comprehensive expertise in all facets of therapy, from clinical practice to operations, finance, revenue cycle management, and the experience in the founding and growing of a successful multi-state network of outpatient therapy clinics.

What is patient-centered care and how can systems help?

In an article published by the National Library of Medicine, in the Annals of Family Medicine, the authors explored the ‘values and value’ of patient-centered care in all areas of healthcare.

“Patient-centered care has now made it to center stage in discussions of quality. Lost in many of the discussions of patient-centered care, however, is the essential and revolutionary meaning of what it means to be patient centered.

Training physicians to be more mindful, informative, and empathetic, transforms their role from one characterized by authority to one that has the goals of partnership, solidarity, empathy, and collaboration. Systems changes that unburden primary care physicians from the drudgery of productivity-driven assembly-line medicine can diminish the cognitive overload and exhaustion that makes medical care anything but caring or patient-centered

The Values and Value of Patient-Centered Care
Ronald M. Epstein, MD1,2 and Richard L. Street, Jr, PhD3,4. © Copyright 2011 Annals of Family Medicine, In

On Mission Together

We’ve built a team with distinctive and diverse healthcare and technology experience and a shared Mission to Enable Better Care. With more than 20+ years of experience, we have dedicated our time and talents to become the industry’s first fully-integrated practice management platform.

In the early days of Practice Pro, we traveled the United States, meeting with practice owners to discover first-hand, how we could design and build technology that would bring solutions to their clinics and improve their care delivery, business operations and profitability. We now have a dedicated team of Clinical Advisors, comprised of therapists and clinic owners, all experts in their fields of outpatient rehab, sports medicine, and pediatric therapy, to stay at the forefront of industry changes and best practices in clinical care.

Last year, Practice Pro has appointed a new CEO.,Tim Moore who succeeds Sanjay Patel, who has served as CEO since founding the company in 2000. Now serving as Chief Product Officer, he continues to lead EMR software development efforts to provide creative solutions for the many challenges that rehab therapy providers face daily in their front desk, documentation, patient care, and billing and compliance areas.

New CEO Tim Moore’s 30-year career, in large part, has been spent as an entrepreneur and C-level Exec, leading start-ups to high-growth software and healthcare companies, accelerating and scaling their operations and growth.

Practice Pro’s product vision does not change and attention to helping practice owners is strengthening. The Practice Pro mission continues to be about building world-class rehab therapy software solutions that enable rehab practice owners and teams to run and grow their operations while delivering the best possible care and ensuring compliance along with healthy cash flows.

About Practice Pro

Founded in 2000, its people, solutions and service are unmatched, and set it apart from competitors in the marketplace. From referral management and patient engagement, to clinical documentation, business intelligence and RCM services, Practice Pro is the Total Practice Solution | For Success.