Why Patients Depend on Portals to Manage Care

Creating the perfect experience when it comes to your patients is critical. Not only do you want them to have a great visit, but its key that it carries over before and after their next appointment. Helping patients increase the way that they engage and become more involved in their healthcare is an added value that can set your practice apart from others. Every year more and more practices are adopting the use of Patient Portals. Studies show by Software Advice that in 2019 about 72% of patients have access to the use of Patient Portals which is about a 62% increase from 2016.  

Here are some reasons why patients prefer the ability to take control and manage their health with the assistance of a Patient Portal that the right physical therapy EMR software can provide.

Paperless Online Patient Intake

It’s no surprise that the most cumbersome experience for patients visiting a clinic is the paperwork. This is also a burden on the clinic team as well, having to process redundant forms and scan them in to the EMR software. Patient Portals can allow forms to be digitally completed well before the patient’s first visit, greatly reducing waiting time and data entry for medical teams. Patients can even be sent clinical questionnaires that reduce clinician documentation time.

Access to Medical Records

Being in the know and organized is key when it comes to patients and the use of a Patient Portal. Having access to health records that allow your patient to look up and digitally view is a great way to keep them updated with a record history of results. This also limits future calls about updates and miscommunications on prior health results. With the proper use of a Patient Portal, patients will stay engaged and invested in their treatment, allowing your practice to do more while providing a better experience.

Appointment Management

Utilizing the Patient Portal when it comes to scheduling, canceling and viewing appointments can improve patient accessibility to your clinic. Patients are so busy these days and keeping track of future appointments can be the last thing on their mind. With the ability to view and receive reminders about appointments, Patient Portals allow for a better experience and communication. This also helps your practice run more efficiently with less no-shows and last-minute cancellationstext and email notifications will keep them updated on their scheduled appointments with your practice. Online appointment booking can also offer greater convenience and accessibility for your patients.

Online Payments Made Easy

Going through the process to collect and make payments can be a hassle for your practice and patients. With the ability to make a payment online, everybody wins. It can increase customer satisfaction, allow you to get paid faster and make you business more profitable. Patients can pay online and view past payments helping them manage balances with convenience and security. Gone are the days of payment collection and here are the days of better billing management.

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