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Physical Therapy Billing Software

Physical Therapy Billing Software

Billing software to get paid faster, in full, what you deserve

Billing Software to Increase Payments and Lower Denials.

Data Capture Once: Integrated, end to end solution from charge capture at the point of documentation all the way to collections and cash on hand

Peace of Mind: Detailed checks and balances that embed all payer rules and other compliance checks so that you never miss a beat.

Fast and Efficient: Fully automated workflows to scrub claims, transmit them to the clearinghouse, and auto post ERAs, with biller override anytime.

Practice Pro’s physical therapy billing software enables you to follow the collections trail with features and reports that automate the entire claims process. No other?physical therapy EMR and billing software gives you the power of Practice Pro.
With Practice Pro, you get multiple options when it comes to how you want to run the billing processes in your practice:
Physical Therapy Billing Software

Claim Scrubbing, Denial Defense

There is no software on the planet that can change reimbursement patterns, denial codes or claim rejections but Practice Pro has the flexibility and EDI intelligence to arm you with the tools necessary to improve coding compliance, increase clean claim submissions and reduce re-bills.?

Maximize Practice Revenue

Everyone wants to maximize revenue, but how? Whether you are billing Self-pay, paper claims, 5010 electronic claims or patient statements, Practice Pro automates billing requirements specific to the payer (Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, No Fault/Auto Accident and all commercial insurances). We take away the aggravating payer-specific rules and details so you can maximize billable time, avoid claim rejections and focus on GETTING PAID FASTER!?

Custom Denial and Appeal Forms

Tired of filling out claim appeal forms? We were tired just hearing about how long it takes, so we developed a solution. We?ve taken many of the major payers? charge appeal forms and integrated it into the system. Let Practice Pro fill out the boxes and export your appeal in PDF format.?

Reduce Claim Errors

Avoid the potential risks of being audited and penalized for possible mistakes that can lead to claims loss of revenue. Eliminate the concern about entering the wrong code and wasting time entering data-entry twice. With Practice Pro?s billing solution, you can easily connect your documentation, scheduling and billing all in one place.??

Get the Billing Support You Need

Are you sick and tired of waiting on the phone to get the support that you need? Access the custom support and service that you deserve along the way with your billing. We’re customer focused and strive to help you grow your business and guide you through any billing challenges that may occur along the way.??

The only physical therapy billing software you’ll ever need to run and grow a successful practice.

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Physical Therapy Billing Software
Physical Therapy Billing Software
Physical Therapy Billing Software

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