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Patient Portal

Connect with patients anywhere at anytime.

Empower your practice and patients with a Patient Portal.

Providing the best healthcare means delivering an experience that engages patients early and frequently throughout their treatment journey. Practice Pros Patient Portal offers a suite of features that empowers your patients and increases access to your clinics most important services. Patient Portal

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Patient PortalDigital Patient Intake

Offer your patients a fast, easy and secure way to complete intake forms online including demographics, surveys, questionnaires and custom PDF forms. Its an easy way to manage personal information and health records. Once information is entered by your patients it is automatically transferred over to your EMR record saving you administrative time on entering the patient’s information.

Patient Portal

Online Patient Statements and Bill Pay

Go paperless, even with billing! Practice Pros Patient Portal eliminates the cost of sending paper statements and allows your patients to view and pay invoices online. Giving patients convenient and secure access to financials will not only help you get paid faster but also improves the overall the patient experience you deliver. With a single click, you can upload statements to the portal and send patients an email and text message notification that an invoice is available.

Patient Portal

How Does a Patient Portal Improve My Therapy Practice?

  • Eliminate paperwork and redundant data entry by your front-desk team
  • Improve the patient experience and return rate by avoiding long wait times and frustrating check in processes
  • Reduce staff workload and improve your cash flow with the ability to have patients pay online
  • Customize your branding efforts with custom templates that provide a consistent voice
  • Avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations with reminders and 24-hour access to view appointments online
  • Increase patient satisfaction and overall experience before, during and after visits
  • Reduce EHR data entry errors and mistakes that can lead to frustration and possible denials

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