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physical therapy emr

Physical Therapy EMR Software

Manage Your Practice More Efficiently with Automated Tasks that Speed Up Workflows

Automate Processes with Our Physical Therapy EMR

Cut down time spent on paperwork with automated administrative, billing and clinical workflows that optimize delivery of care and raise clinical efficiencies. Combine customizable clinical documentation, detailed task management, drag and drop patient scheduling, full documentation template management, comprehensive reporting, billing and collections, and compliance controls into one integrated platform. Intuitive, user friendly navigation as well as configurable KPI dashboards ensure that you a get an EMR that meets all your needs.

Streamline Your Practice With Physical Therapy EMR that Makes A Difference.

physical therapy emr
physical therapy emr
All In One
Streamline all aspects of healthcare from patient engagement to documentation to billing and collections.
physical therapy emr
Meet Unique Needs For Your Practice
Flexible, scalable solution that increases access to care, steps up patient experience, and boosts clinical efficiency.
physical therapy emr
Comprehensive Compliance Tools
Alerts, notifications, and reports enable you to stay aligned with payer compliance rules and regulations.
physical therapy emr

Configurable, Easily Adjustable

Not a one size fits all. Documentation, dashboards and more can be customized to fit your needs.

physical therapy emr

physical therapy emrIntuitive, User Friendly System

Increase efficiency in terms of productivity metrics, implemented daily routines, patient outcomes, surveys and reports, and so on. An intuitive and user-friendly system, Practice Pro EMR facilitates quick and easy adoption clinic wide.

On demand training will enable you to make quick progress. Reduce work and speed up processes by integrating with other operational systems. Eliminate manual data entry: no more errors and no more wasted time.

physical therapy emr.Payments Made Easy With Integrated Billing

Full functionality billing and collection software will enable you to transform financial processes with comprehensive ledger reporting, end to end revenue cycle management, inline claims review and scrubbing, automated insurance remittances through the clearing house integration, and automated payment posting that will keep you books and accounts always up to date while accelerating cash flow.

physical therapy emr.Patient Engagement

Connect with patients in real time and keep in touch with them across the entire journey from episode of care to beyond, Raise patient satisfaction rates and increase patient retention and the number of returning patients.

physical therapy emr.Customization Anytime

Forms and notes are easily customizable with personalized plans of care for each patient and specialty specific codes that are accessible in a single report or KPI dashboard view.

Gain access to additional resources that can help your therapy practice