Physical Therapy Billing Services

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Billing services that help you win.

It’s no secret that reimbursement in the therapy industry is in serious decline with no end in sight. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table. Our team of expert, physical therapy billers know all the games payers play to keep your hard earned money in limbo. Our billers take pride in their work, but even more, they like to win. This means fighting for and recovering every penny you’re owed.

revenue cycle management

What billing services do we offer? 

Charge and coding review for all charges entered

Professional and institutional claims submission

EOB, ERA and Patient allocations

Insurance collection calls as necessary

Guidance provided on any enrollment concerns

Appeals as necessary

Here are some physical therapy billing numbers we’re particularly proud of.

Average DSO (Days)


Increase Collections Per Claim


Clean Claim Rate

Access Full Transparency 

The difference between our physical therapy billing services and other billing providers is that all the work is done directly within your Practice Pro Physical Therapy EMR system. All work is documented, tracked and made available for your review in real-time. In addition to our robust package of financial reports, our billing services come with custom productivity reports, delivered directly by your billing account manager. 

Weekly Billing Reports  

Every week you will be provided with a breakdown of how billing went for the previous week. It will include how many claims were billed, how many accounts needed attention by the clinic and who the tasks were assigned to. 

Monthly Billing Reports  

Access reports that include a breakdown of how the month went which includes total charges, total collected, total adjusted and charges pending responses from the provider.  

Start making more money.

Discover the difference 

See how Practice Pro’s billing services are different from others. 

  • Access to a billing specialist who will have a full billing team at your disposal. 
  • Practice Pro takes on the responsibility to audit, bill, and collect every claim that goes out the door.  
  • Avoid frustration with easy access to accounts.  
  • Billing specialist allocates all ERAs and posts the EOBs received by your clinic.  
  • Every claim is scrutinized to ensure that it is accurate and compliant.  
  • Our billing specialist strives to detect problems and roadblocks before they happen.  
  • We’re with your claims every step of the way. 

Uncover the right billing cycle with Practice Pro  

physical therapy billing services