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Speech Therapy Software for your Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Practice


SLP Evaluation Templates

Practice Pro comes packed with evaluation templatescreated just for Speech Language Pathologistsin ourrobust clinical library. We worked with SLPs to create our templates. That means it’s ready for you to use with your very first login.

Start with our built-in evaluation templates which includes all standard SLP fieldsand access a rich goal bank including short term objectives and long term goals.

Customizable Speech Therapy Documentation Software

But unlike other EMRs, you aren’t stuck with our evaluation templates, you are free to customize one of our existing templates until it’s right for you, or create your own from scratch. After all, the fastest way to work in an EMR is the way you’re used to.

Streamline Your SLP Practice from the Integration

Practice Pro speech therapy software automates all activities from scheduling to documentation to billing to reporting and analytics in one place. It is a single system that does it all so that you can document care and get paid without the hassles.

speech therapy software

Fast & Flexible Speech Therapy Scheduling Software

Easy to use drag-and-drop scheduling with intuitive functionality allows you to manage your front office and patient registrations with ease, set automated text and email reminders, and stay ahead of tasks.

  • Flexible viewing options of patient and therapist calendars.
  • Enables collection of patient payments with information seamlessly flowing to billing.
  • Upload all patient onboarding forms to the Patient Portal
speech therapy software
speech therapy software

Insight On Demand for your SLP Practice

Gain valuable insight about your speech language pathology practice through a wide range of KPIs and metrics that enable you to define and track your clinical goals and outcomes.

  • Over 100+ reports spanning across your end to end business processes
  • Get a complete view of patient and billing data through a single system that measures clinical and financial results
  • Interactive KPI Dashboards See key trends and proactively take action to seize opportunities, address problems, and minimize risks.

Easy To Use Speech Therapy Billing Software

Spend less in billing while maximizing reimbursement rates, revenue, and collections with our seamlessly integrated billing software so that you get paid on time, every time.

  • Choosefrom hundreds of commercial payers, Medicare, or Medicaid, and submit claims with just a click.
  • Get a handle on claims statuses directly in the EMR through our integrated clearing house or your preferred clearing house.
  • Raise coding compliance, boost clean claim submission rates, and cut down on re-bills.
speech therapy software

Gain access to additional resources that can help SpeechLanguage Pathologists