Pediatric Therapy EMR Software?


Examination Profiles Built for Pediatric Therapists

Access?flexible and customizable documentation templates that?allow pediatric therapists to measure and manage progress with every therapy session. You?ll have the ability to easily?login and use a system?that?s made specifically for your area of expertise.?

Documentation Tailored for Pediatric Therapists

With Practice Pro?s documentation solutions your pediatric practice will have be able to easily carry objective measurements forward from one pediatric therapy visit to the next. You?ll have the ability to always be up to date and?measure and track progress with every session allowing you to provide the best care without disruption and lost time.??
Your?pediatric therapy practice needs to run the way you want which means that you need the right?flexibility?to go with your business. Practice Pro provides the flexibility?you need to create, customize and fine tune your templates. This provides flowsheet templates that are built around your practice allowing you to access the customization needed to run your practice the way that you intended.??
Pediatric Therapists
Pediatric Therapists

Because Every Clinic Is Different

Every child has unique needsso too does your practice! Our flexible practice management solutions allow for custom scheduling, clinical and billing rules that work the way you do.

  • Flexible appointment scheduling across multi-disciplines.
  • Track benefits and authorizations separately for each service type.
  • Upload custom onboarding forms to the Patient Portal.


Pediatric Therapists
Pediatric Therapists

Built For Business

Its easy to forget sometimes that your clinical practice is first and foremost a business. If you cant measure your performance and other critical metrics, you cant grow or manage your success. Practice Pro is built from the ground up with a focus on building better business practices.

  • Over 100+ reports spanning every department of your business.
  • Interactive KPI Dashboards Set goals and see important trends in the numbers
Pediatric Therapists
Building your business around the everyday challenges with children and your pediatric therapy practice is crucial when it comes to delivering the best patient experience while accessing the right workflows you need to run efficient processes along?the way. Helping children with developmental challenges that allow them to become confident, independent and live a better life is your focus and Practice Pro is here to help you along the way.??

Practice Pro delivers a pediatric therapy EMR that fully integrates with your pediatric therapy documentation, patient scheduling, billing, reports and analytics all in in one easy to use platform. With our pediatric therapy EMR software solutions you?ll have the ability to streamline the way you manage your therapy practice while delivering best therapy and experience needed to pediatric patients that need your time and expertise to get the right treatments.??