Physical Therapy Software Originally Built for PT’s


Examination Profiles Just for Physical Therapists

Practice Pro’s Physical Therapy Software comes packed with documentation templates created just for Physical Therapists in a robust clinical library. Easy to customize, the templates can be quickly adapted to meet your unique clinical documentati0n needs.

Documentation Tailored for Physical Therapists

Do youhold aclipboard and a pen while you consult with your patient? Practice Pro provides flowsheet templates specifically for you, because physical therapists just like you developed them. That means you can finally put down the clipboard, and begin to use Practice Pro during your examination with the patient.

Customizable to handle every facet of your Physical Therapy business

You have your own way of working. One of our best features of our physical therapy EHR isthe flexibility for you to create, customize and finetune your templates. That means Practice Pro has the perfect flowsheet template for you, because you made it perfect.
physical therapists
physical therapists

Easy & Efficient Physical Therapy Scheduling

Easy to use, intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling enables you to manage your front office and patient registrations with ease, add automated text and email reminders, and ensure completion of critical tasks.

  • Flexible viewing options for both patient and therapist calendars with authorization and compliance warnings.
  • Enables collection of patient payments through integrated credit card processing with information seamlessly flowing through to billing.
  • Upload all patient onboarding forms to the Patient Portal any time with online patient bill pay.

Fast & Flexible Physical Therapy Documentation

Create customized, compliant documentation with the exact content you need, leverage flexible templates, integrated charges & billing, and outcomes tracking, and obtain a 360 degree view of patients, physicians, and payers.

  • Quickly create the perfect template with libraries, templates and content that are filtered by body part for easy access.
  • Create a streamlined Plan of Care along with roll forward notes for re-evaluations and progress notes.
  • Send documentation and progress reports to physicians or payers with a single click using our built-in electronic faxing.
physical therapists
physical therapists

Get Paid Quicker with Integrated Physical Therapy Billing

Transform physical therapy billing and collections with seamless EMR integration, automated workflows, and a wide selection of reports that provide the insight to step up the revenue and profitability of your practice while decreasing denials.

  • Add charges and coding automatically during documentation, avoid errors, and reduce the risk of audits.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry as charges captured during documentation smoothly flow into billing.
  • Automate charge and claim scrubbing/review and submission, ERA posting, and denial handling specific to the payer.
  • Raise coding compliance, increase clean claim submissions rates, and reduce re-bills.

Insight On Demand for your Physical Therapy Practice

Gain valuable insight about your physical therapy practice through a rich collection of KPIs and metrics that enable you to define and track your clinical and administrative goals and performance.

  • Over 100 reports that provide a detailed view into your end to end business processes
  • Get a full picture of patient and billing data through a single system that measures clinical and financial results
  • Interactive KPI Dashboards Check out key trends and proactively take action to seize opportunities, solve problems, and minimize risks.
physical therapists

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